Gold Prices Make Headway Above $1,500/oz.

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gold is money 2496347 640Gold Makes Headway Above $1,500 as 2020 Comes Into Closer Focus -Bloomberg/Yahoo Finance
"Gold firmed up a foothold above $1,500 an ounce as investors positioned for 2020, with post-Christmas gains coming even as global equities inched higher and U.S.-China trade concerns eased. Silver rose along with platinum in what's been a banner year for precious metals. Spot bullion advanced for a fourth day, the best run since October, and headed for the highest close in more than seven weeks.

George Bailey Saw The Miracle of Capitalism

Written by Swiss America

Its a wonderful lifeGeorge Bailey Saw the Miracle of Capitalism -Wall Street Journal
"Frank Capra's 'It's a Wonderful Life' rose from commercial failure after its 1946 release to Christmas fixture starting in the 1970s. The film tells a story offering insight into how Americans perceive our economy and their role in it....The film's antagonist is the banker Henry Potter (Lionel Barrymore), who epitomizes the Democrats’ caricature of unredeemable capitalism.

It's a Wonderful Life: From Failure to Classic

Written by Swiss America

Its A Wonderful LifeHow It's a Wonderful Life went from box office failure to Christmas classic -The Independent
"Before James Stewart was sent off to fight in the Second World War, he was one of Hollywood's biggest movie stars. He'd appeared in 28 films, had been nominated for an Oscar for Mr Smith Goes to Washington, and even won one for Best Actor a year later for The Philadelphia Story. He was riding high.

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