Gold Price Rises Amid US-China 'Snag'

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gold 680131 640Gold: US-China 'Snag', Lower Demand for Risk, Supporting Short-Covering Rally -FX Empire
"Gold is expected to continue to inch higher on short-covering as long as there is tension between the U.S. and China. Gold could spike higher if those tensions escalate. Gold prices are trading higher for a second session on Thursday as some of the weaker shorts continue to cover positions...Gold traders are likely reacting to falling Treasury yields, weaker demand for risky assets and a lower U.S. Dollar....The catalysts behind the price action are renewed concerns over U.S.-China trade relations. So far this week, gold has recovered about $25.00 of its recent $72.00 break... Gold appears to be going through a normal short-term correction, following a sharp break. The weaker shorts are being spooked by concerns over the lack of progress being made on the trade deal. Traders also fear the tension between the United States and China could flare at any time especially after U.S. President Trump on Wednesday threatened to ramp up tariffs on Chinese goods if the countries failed to reach a deal on trade. Furthermore, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that U.S.-China trade negotiations had ‘hit a snag’ over farm purchases, with China not wanting a deal that looked one-sided in favor of the United States."

Moody's Issues Worldwide Debt Warning

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World Market ChackMoody's issues debt downgrade warning to the entire world -London Telegraph
"Ratings agency Moody’s has issued a debt downgrade warning to the entire world on fears that political turmoil from Westminster to Hong Kong poses a threat to the economy. It cut its global sovereign outlook to 'negative' from 'stable' for 2020, cautioning that 'disruptive and unpredictable' politics was worsening the slowdown in growth.

Treat China as Nuclear Superpower It Is

Written by Swiss America

giant 3238638 640Treat China as the Nuclear Superpower It Is -Wall Street Journal
"A perilously neglected problem of the past 20 years or so is that China is no longer so bereft of nuclear weapons as to be dismissible. If the relationship among the now three dominant nuclear powers is not clarified and disciplined, China's maturing nuclear warfare capabilities will remain both a direct threat to the U.S. and a potent destabilizer of the balance of terror.

'It's Not the Economy Anymore, Stupid'

Written by Swiss America

financial 2860753 640'It's Not the Economy Anymore, Stupid' -Wall Street Journal
"President Trump has presided over solid economic growth and much lower unemployment than economists would have expected a few years ago, a record he proudly touted in a speech in New York Tuesday. Mr. Trump is counting on that record carrying him to re-election next year. Conversely, Democrats see hints of weakness, especially in manufacturing-intensive swing states, that could derail those plans.

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