The Worst Global Depression is Nigh

Written by Swiss America

arrow 15589 640The Worst Global Depression is Nigh -Gold Switzerland
"Here we are at the end of the second decade of this century. In the last twenty years we have seen the collapse of a tech bubble and we have experienced the implosion of fake debt aka (also known as) the sub prime debt collapse...But I doubt they will be third time lucky. This time, printing unlimited free money will be recognized for what it is, namely Modern Money Trickery that can't fool the world a third time in the 2000s.

Metals Seasonal-Advance Begins Now

Written by Swiss America

Strong Seasonal AdvanceThe Strongest Seasonal-Advance In Precious Metals Begins Now -Zero Hedge
"The turn of the year will soon be here - an occasion to review the past year and make plans for the new one. Many people are doing just that - and their behavior is creating the strongest seasonal rally in the precious metals markets.

Crazy Won't Beat Trump -Noonan/WSJ

Written by Swiss America

4396403354 5b13298f4e cImage courtesy Donkey HotayCrazy Won't Beat Trump -Noonan/Wall Street Journal
"The Democrats think they've just had a big triumph. The president's been impeached. But Republicans see themselves as gaining the upper hand. The House couldn't lift the event into an air of historical gravity. They dressed in dark clothes and never smiled, as at a wake, but the deceased was making kicking sounds from the casket and appeared to be tweeting, so it was incongruous.

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