Dr. Corsi reveals the darkness behind the incarcerationj and persecution of Julian Assange in his new article on corsination.com: “Julian Assange, confined now in a London prison for months, has repeatedly suggested he can prove Seth Rich, not Russia, stole the DNC emails in 2010 – a conclusion that if proved would expose the U.S. intelligence agency as complicit in the “Russia collusion” coup d’état hoax.

Last Wednesday, June 24, the U.S. Department of Justice issued a second superseding indictment of Julian Assange that merely added new allegations to the existing 18-count indictment. The DOJ now alleges that Assange had worked not just with former U.S. Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, then known as Bradley Manning, to hack classified documents, but also with the secretive Internet group Anonymous to hack documents from Stratfor, the geopolitical intelligence firm whose stolen emails WikiLeaks published as ‘The Global Intelligence Files.’”

Dr. Corsi shares information Rober Bisjhop has compiled that shines the light on the darkness of charity abuse being used to fund the left. The new Democrat Party campaign contribution raising mechanism ActBlue is merely a funding conduit for Black Lives Matter, which in turn pushes the money to a host of leftist, and prehaps both fictitious and/or illegal organizations.

The truth will come out as more investigative reporting by those following in the footsteps of Charles Ortel pull back the veil of evil.

Featured in this video “Rage, Race, and Riots in the Year of COVID-19 Pandemic”