Massive Mail-in Voter Fraud

The Democrat Socialists Last Ditch Plan to Steal the 2020 Presidential Election


Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.

Having tried to remove Donald Trump from the presidency since Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2017, Democrat Socialists operatives are planning massive mail-in voter fraud as their last-ditch effort to steal the 2020 presidential election for Joe Biden.

Today, on Tuesday, October 27, 2020, one week from the election, the mainstream media is reporting between 60 to 65 million pre-election votes have already been cast. This figure has no independent verification. Yet, multiple mainstream media outlets are reporting the same figure in an attempt to repeat the narrative so often that the massive pre-election voter turnout becomes accepted as gospel truth.

What this reveals is a “lawfare” type scheme in which Deep State operatives planning a Marxist revolution “to fundamentally change” the United States, are engaged in an elaborate set-up designed to give the appearance of validity to the massive mail-in voting fraud that will be necessary to reverse the in-person election victory Donald Trump appears increasingly likely to register next Tuesday, November 3.

How Mail-In Votes Set the Stage for Massive Voter Fraud

It is important to understand that the fraudulent polls are part of the vote fraud strategy the DEM/socialists believe will elect Biden. Fraudulent polls are rigged to set the stage to make massive mail-in voter fraud look the millions of fraudulent mail-in votes are real votes from actual voters.

Goal #1: Manufacture enough mail-in votes to say voter turnout is as high as 80%. This way, when DEM/socialist operatives “create” millions of mail-in votes that are manufactured, the millions of fraudulent mail-in votes being counted will be backed up (justified) by the 80% turnout numbers the polls predicted.

Goal #2: Show Biden leading in all states by double-digits. Then when millions of fraudulent mail-in votes are counted after NOV 3, DEMS DEM/Socialists can claim that while Biden LOST the in-person voting, he WON the election because COVID-19 caused millions of people to vote by mail.

Since 2004, the “turnout” in presidential elections, defined as the percentage of the “voting age population” that actually casts a vote, has hovered between 50 and 57 percent. Turnout percentages of 70 percent or more occurred only in the United States only in the 1800s, when the population of the country was much smaller. In 2016, in the high visibility presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump the turnout was 54.8 percent.

With mainstream media sources reporting that pre-election voting in 2020 likely to total 85 million people voting before November 3, a number of pre-election voters of that magnitude has no precedent in U.S. history. The same sources report that 150 million people might vote in total, resulting in a turnout of 62 percent – the largest turnout percentage since 1908, when GOP nominee William Howard Taft, a candidate selected by Theodore Roosevelt to succeed him in office, beat three-time Democrat loser William Jennings Bryan.

During the hotly contended 2016 presidential election, a total of 136.75 million votes were cast. But the key point is that in 2020, the number of people voting prior to the election is disproportionately high, even though the number of anticipated total 2020 voters is only marginally higher than would be expected given the total that voted four years ago. In 2016, some 58.3 million pre-election votes were counted, representing some 42 percent of all votes cast. In 2020, if the number of pre-election votes cast totals 80 million, that will be some 53 percent of the total votes cast.

This year, the enthusiasm and momentum as we enter the final week of the campaign seems clearly to favor Donald Trump. In sharp contrast, the Biden/Harris campaign has had few rallies, with those that have been held drawing very few supporters. That Biden might win when the evidence is the Biden/Harris ticket has drawn mixed reactions from the party’s increasingly hard-left base, is not credible given the historical experience of presidential elections in the United States. If the pre-election votes this year reach 80 million or more, the suspected cause may be attributable to voting fraud designed to boost the number and percentage of registered Democrats “voting” by mail.

The Deep State Plan to Force Voting by Mail

States controlled by Democrats have been the most likely to send mail-in ballots to all registered voters, with no effort in advance to screen the list for those who have changed address within the state, those who have moved out of the state, and those who are deceased.

In New Jersey, Democrat Governor Phil Murphy has declared that COVID-19 fears have resulted in a decision to make mail-in voting the norm rather than the exception. The November 3rd General Election will primarily be held through vote-by-mail,” a New Jersey government website proclaims. All active registered New Jersey voters will automatically receive a prepaid return-postage vote-by-mail ballot from their County Clerks. All ballots will be mailed by Monday, October 5th.

The NJ government website continues to proclaim: “Any voter who chooses to cast their vote in-person will do so on a provisional basis.” In other words, the presumption of the New Jersey Division of Elections is that all NJ registered voters will vote by mail. Voters who insist on voting in-person will be allowed to do so, but their in-person ballot will be considered “provisional.”

All provisional ballots are counted after November 3, only after the state election board has determined that someone has not already filed a mail-in vote under the ID of the voter casting the in-person vote. In other words, NJ has decided to punish in-person voters, with the possibility of disqualifying the in-person vote if someone has fraudulently cast a mail-in vote using that voter’s identity.

To make the point that in-person voting is frowned upon, the NJ Division of Elections has limited the number of in-person voting locations being made available on November 3 to 50 percent of its normal polling locations. Also, those voting in-person in NJ will not be permitted to use electronic voting machines. In-person voting must be done by paper ballot because NJ has reserved the use of electronic voting machines to voters with disabilities that prevent them from voting by paper ballot.

COVID-19 may be the excuse, but in-person voting on election day – the way Americans have traditionally voted since the founding of the Republic – is being sidelines by the hard-left socialists now controlling the Democratic Party, so as to vitiate any opportunity to pass laws requiring Voter IDs.

About the Author: Since 2004, Dr. Corsi has published over 25 books, seven of which were New York Times Bestsellers, including two #1 New York Times best-sellers. In 2018, NewsMax published Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump, a New York Times bestseller. He has written a first-hand account of his experience with the Mueller Office of Special Counsel in his book Silent No More: How I Became a Political Prisoner of Mueller’s ‘Witch Hunt,’ available in eBook and audiobook/iTunes formats, as well as hardcover. His most recent book, Coup d’État: Exposing Deep State Treason and the Plan to Re-Elect President Trump, was published March 5, 2020 and is available also in audiobook and eBook formats. Dr. Corsi graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Political Science and Economics from Case Western Reserve University in 1968 and received a Ph.D. in Political Science from Harvard University in 1972. He resides in New Jersey with his family. He has been for years a frequent quest on radio, with multiple television appearances on Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, and MSNBC, as well as network television.