Dr Corsi interviewed author and speaker Trevor Loudon yesterday, who’s life’s work has been understanding and shining the light on the drakness that is Communism. Communism is at the rotten core of ANTIFA, BLM, and numerous other attacks against America as godless tyrants try to destory US all. Fox News: Ex-MI6 boss says coronavirus likely engineered in Wuhan lab

A former head of the British intelligence agency MI6 told The Telegraph’s Planet Normal podcast that he believes the COVID-19 outbreak was engineered in a lab and spread through coincidence. “I do think that this started as an accident,” Sir Richard Dearlove told the Telegraph, citing a peer-reviewed paper by Professor Angus Dalgleish of St George’s Hospital at the University of London, and the Norwegian virologist Birger Sorensen.” Politico: Trump tweets a letter calling protesters ‘terrorists’

“The letter from his former lawyer John Dowd appears addressed to former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who had called out Trump on using the military against demonstrators. President Donald Trump tweeted out a letter Thursday that referred to a group of protesters as “terrorists,” following their violent ouster from a park near the White House earlier this week. The letter is signed by Trump’s former lawyer John Dowd and addressed to “Jim” in a probable reference to former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

It lambasted the former Pentagon chief after he called out Trump on Wednesday for threatening a military response to protests that have engulfed cities across the country.

In his letter, Dowd referred to a group of protesters who were violently forced out of Washington’s Lafayette Square on Monday as “terrorists using idle hate … to burn and destroy.”

Featured in this video “The Plan: To Remove Donald Truump From the Presidency