Patriots Rise to Give Birth to the MAGA Party


Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.


Boris Gelfand

The Trump movement has created a new rebirth of freedom in this nation, a recognition by millions that excluding God from the public square and embracing a godless materialism is a sure formula for the demise of a once great Republic.

Millions of pages have been written trying to understand why the ancient Roman Republic born in freedom died centuries later as a Roman Empire that rotted at its core in moral turpitude and died when Senators started to treat their personal interests above the interests of SPQR, the original formula of “Senatus PopulusQue Romanus,” the Senate and the Roman People.” Barbarians came when Roman empires reduced themselves to providing a crass formula of “Bread and Circuses” to keep an increasingly amoral population fed and amused.

With the Democratic Party rapidly embracing Marxism aimed only at providing “free stuff” to a population encouraged to be godless, and with the Republican Party embracing the D.C. swamp to get rich off of foreign states like Russia and multinational corporations seeking to control the world, the United States is morphing into a grotesque Fourth Reich. “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” is dying, replaced only with a bogus form of “Social Justice” whose primary purpose seems to be to burn down our cities and close our businesses while silencing all dissent.

When neither the DNC nor the GOP care that our elections are stolen in Third World fashion or that our Supreme Court hides from enforcing the Constitution, we have allowed ourselves to be ruled by an army of unelected beltway globalists masquerading as “civil servants” to impose their will on the American people through countless rules and regulations promulgated by a growing number of alphabet agencies inhabiting monolith public buildings graced by Roman columns in our nation’s capital. In 2020, the American people saw democracy die in darkness as we willingly self-quarantined over a virus we were told would kill millions, as our social media and news agencies became one big “Pravda” intolerant of any views that threatened their totalitarian control.

The revolution of socialists and globalists working for China has failed for one reason that patriots understand embracing the First and Second Amendment (or as Obama ridiculed, “clinging to our Bibles and our guns”) is that Almighty God still rules on earth as he does in heaven. This nation will be saved because President Donald J. Trump dared to join us bowing our heads and bending our knees not to BLM or Antifa, but to God Almighty, promising to repent for having let our land drift into this darkness, asking for Almighty God’s intervention to save us once again.

President Trump by far has achieved more in his first four years in office than all of the presidents of the 20th and 21st Centuries combined. He is the only president in U.S. history that kept all of his campaign promises and commitments. From bringing peace to the Middle East to bringing prosperity home, every one of President Trump’s achievements is nothing short of a miracle accomplished by the grace of God. The fact that President Trump persisted despite the treachery of his Democratic Party enemies and the backstabbing of his White House staff and top advisers is monumental. President Trump greatest achievement is that he rebuilt the dignity of the “forgotten American” neglected in “fly-over” country by the country’s costal elites on both shores. That even a Jewish immigrant for the USSR could find hope here in America is an achievement President Trump has forged in an America where “Trump derangement syndrome” dominated as the globalist swamp joined the radical left to destroy his presidency as a means of destroying all that generations have held to be good about America.

The MAGA Party stands behind President Trump with American patriots welcoming traditional moderates abandoned by the DNC and the middle class abandoned by the GOP, binding together with an increasing number of minorities and immigrants who treasure jobs and family above the bankrupt life offered by government dependency. The MAGA Party loves America as we love God. The MAGA party treasures life as we seek to protect the unborn. We the People have risen to create the MAGA Party in the same spirit with which Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence. We the People remain sovereign. We the People deserve better than a lying elite seeking to confine us in our homes and feed us dark lies to keep us in fear. We are Americans of all races and all creeds and together we seek the pursuits of our inalienable God-bestowed rights to live the life of liberty for which so many heroes over previous generations have given the last true measure of their devotion giving their lives so we, our children, and our grandchildren could live free.

The United States is today experiencing a dramatic realignment of voters. Libertarians have joined Conservatives, patriots have embraced minorities, the Trump Train has rolled to encompass the vast majority of Americans, leaving the DNC and the RNC to commit suicide as both become minority fringe parties that no longer could win the type of honest election the MAGA Party demands. If we lose voting integrity, as we are perilously close to doing, we will lose God, lose the Constitution, and lose our freedom to an “America for Sale” that Communist China will happily buy with money they have stolen from the corrupt politicians, media executives, and Silicon Valley “billionaires” that Beijing today owns.

Rejecting Soros-funded indoctrination, we patriots resolve to reclaim our schools, our city halls, and our state houses so we may stop insane movements that seek to “defund the police,” while screaming in our faces that we are “racists.” Joe Biden and Kamala Harris did not win the largest vote in American history by hiding behind masks and giving “socially distant” rehearsed speeches, promising to raise taxes to a handful of listeners sitting in their cars, while Donald Trump’s rallies were attended by thousands in the midst of a supposed pandemic. In the final analysis, Almighty God never creates a hopeless situation. In this Christmas season, with a constellation in the heavens that suggests the Star of Bethlehem some two thousand years ago, we patriots creating the MAGA Party resolve to have a new birth of freedom in this land, “under God, with liberty and justice for all.” The MAGA Party is not just Donald J. Trump, it is the future destiny of an exceptional nation whose best days lie yet ahead of us.

On January 6, 2021, we patriots plan to march on Washington, D.C., to demand the re-election of President Trump. We demand Congress must affirm the landslide victory we know President Trump won on November 3, 2020, and we reject the foreign takeover by China that an establishment “Pravda” media has proclaimed as a victory for the swamp. We extend a hand to all who seek to join us in perpetuating the Constitutional Republic bequeathed us by our Founding Fathers. We have only one question: Will you join us as we march in the streets of the nation’s capital on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, to celebrate what we insist will be the second inauguration of President Donald J. Trump fourteen days later.