Nancy Pelosi has snapped…gone completely Coup Cuckoo.

Democrat Socialist Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy “The Gavel” Pelosi, has clearly lost her mind…perhaps from inhaling her own exhaust gases due to that hideous fruit salad adorned face mask. Pelosi is talking about invoking the 25th Amendment against President Trump.

Increasingly unhinged, and recovering from a major setback as President Trump emerged from Walter Reed not only alive, having defeated the Communist Chinese Party Wuhan Virus, but also re-energized and raring to go.

The President’s medical restrictions will be removed tomorrow, enabling him to hold rallies and debates. The storm is here, and it is called Trump.

Believing she has been elevated to Empress, Pelosi, unhindered by lack of Constitutional basis, or any precedent, obviously, the reflection in the mirror told her this was a wise path to follow. EPIC FAIL on the way. The poison Xi apple failed, this is but a pathetic Hail Mary attempt to divert the Marxist Screaming Media from reporting on the declassified documents that will bring down the entire Cabal.

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