Last night in Salt Lake City, Vice President Mike Pence fracked Democrat Socialist Kamala Harris.

Pence was calm, cool, and collected as he drilled Harris and broke through her human shield, “moderator” Susan Page.

Harris on the other hand was evasive, duplicitous, confused, harried, and lie-prone…that is, when she was not disavowing the Harris/Biden base by promising not eliminate fracking, prompting AOC to Tweet that fracking is bad, absolutely. Not good to spank your supporters.

Refusing to answer whether or not she and her co-President would pack the Supreme Court, the answer is obviously a clear, YES!

Harris tried to make the false and laughable claim that she and Sleepy would not raise taxes, and Pence pounced, retorting that Biden has already clearly stated he would reverse the Trump tax decreases…eliminating a decrease results in an increase, even Willie Brown should have taught Harris that fact.

The Harris/Biden Hidenburg just crashed on the deck of the already listing Titanic, under lock-down. Not enough life rafts on this one either. Abandon ship.

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