Joe Biden put a lid on appearances for the duration of the campaign. Then the polls came out indicating he will lose on election day. Biden has now decided to emerge occasionally on his terms.

The Democrats are putting their final hopes on voter fraud (as Biden let slip) and ballot harvesting. It appears the Presidency will be decided in the courts.

More information regarding George Soros, his background, and intentions continues to surface. None of it bodes well for the survival of America.

In addition to the highly inappropriate conduct coming to light regarding the Biden family from “The Laptop From Hell,” family diaries and other information paints a very very dark picture of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and family enablers and evaders of the conduct.

Ric Grennell, former interim Director of National Intelligence reveals his insights regarding the US intelligence agencies, and the conclusion is that many within all of the agencies are political operatives putting their own preferences above loyalty to their oaths, America, and the duties they are supposed to perform.

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