Joe Biden’s BFFs, the evil scientists continue to demonize Hydroxychloroquine because President Donald Trump said it might work as a preventative and early stage treatment of covid. So immediately, all forces of darkness: Democrats, medocracy, Marxist Screaming Media, et al have dug a pit from which they will not emerge, one that condemns thousands to death as they lay the ground work for a vaccine and behavior controlling future to which they seek to impose their tyranny world-wide.

Yet, deaths due to the Chinese Communist Party COVID-19 are declining, as Dr. Corsi predicted six months ago.

The next stage in people control is being rolled out as the COVI-PASS immunity passport is ready for rollout in 15 countries. Thou shalt not dine without one. In Joe de Blasio’s NYC Manhattan ghetto, over 13,000 apartments are empty as the survivors flee in droves.

Welcome to the Democrat plan for US all.

Featured in this video: “The Little Red Book of Democrat Socialist Lies”