In 2005, I wrote my second book, “Atomic Iran: How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians.”

After “Unfit for Command,” I began to focus on the threat to Israel, to the Middle East, and to peace in the world posed by the decision of the radical Islamic regime in Iran to develop an atomic weapon.

The book was among the first to draw attention to Iran’s role as a “terror master” funding radical Islamic terrorists ranging from Hezbollah in Lebanon to Hamas in the Gaza.

The book exposed once again then Senator John Kerry’s sympathy for the Islamic regime, arguing during the 2004 presidential campaign that the United States should provide Iran access to nuclear fuel, much as the Clinton administration had done with North Korea, to see if Iran would act responsibly.

“Atomic Iran” cautioned that Israel is a “one-bomb state,” such that even a low-yielding atomic bomb detonated over Tel Aviv would destroy the modern Jewish state as we know it.