In 2016, I wrote “Partners in Crime: The Clintons’ Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit,” to oppose Hillary Clinton’s second presidential campaign.

The book was inspired by Charles Ortel, a longtime friend whose experience as a Wall Street analyst had alerted him to investigate the Clinton Foundation.

What Ortel found startled me with irrefutable proof he had assembled that demonstrated not only that the Clinton Foundation government-required registration filings to obtain and maintain tax-deferred status as a charity were fraudulent, but that the required audited financial statements submitted since inception to state and federal tax authorities were equally fraudulent.

My research led me to identify and document a series of pay-to-play schemes the Clintons had devised to enrich themselves by selling to the highest bidders the influence in Washington gained from eight years of Bill’s presidency, followed by leveraging for personal gain Hillary Clinton’s decision-making authority as secretary of state.

I conducted exhausted research to document the scams through which the Clintons stole literally billions of dollars preying upon public sympathy for earthquakes in India and Haiti.

Even after concluding the Clintons were swindlers, I was still shocked to discover they exploited the AIDS-HIV crisis in Africa to steal more money from the public and from United Nations funds to buy for the afflicted in Africa defective generic medications manufactured in India.

Perhaps most shocking of all was the scheme Bill Clinton devised with a former penny-stock dealer in Canada to corner uranium mining contracts in Kazakhstan that led Vladimir Putin to scheme in return getting the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, a federal government committee organized to oversee foreign investments in the United States, to give Russia approval to acquire Uranium One, a Clinton-created company that controlled 20 percent of the uranium production in the United States.

While planning to write the book, I worked with Ortel unsuccessfully to begin state and/or federal criminal investigations of the Clinton Foundation, a move I knew would severely damage Hillary’s presidential ambitions.

The fight to bring the Clinton Foundation continues even until today, with Deep State interests determined to keep Bill and Hillary Clinton free of legal consequences for their clearly illegal manipulation of the Clinton Foundation, an entity that served much more as a private Clinton piggybank than as a public charity.