In 2011, I wrote one of my more controversial books, “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case that Barack Obama Is Not Eligible to be President.”

I explored the many inconsistencies in Barack Obama’s life narrative as portrayed in his 1995 book “Dreams of My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.”  I found that the birth certificate circulated for Obama when he was running for President was a forgery.

The more I researched, the more I found Obama’s nativity story lacked documentation.  Immigration and Naturalization Service records showed that U.S. officials in Hawaii in 1961, the year in which Obama was born, believed that Barack Obama (the Kenyan), and Ann Dunham, his mother, had never married. The INS records for the Kenyan’s visa to attend the University of Hawaii state that if he tried to use the marriage and alleged birth of a son as a reason to apply for citizenship, immigration officials planned to deny the application.

Everywhere I looked, documents were missing, including school records at Occidental and Columbia University that were gone or otherwise incomplete or inconsistent.  When I was writing the book, Donald Trump called me several times to check facts before making his various public statements demanding proof that presidential candidate Barack Obama was born in Hawaii as he claimed.  The controversy centered upon whether Barack Obama was a “natural born” American citizen as the Constitution requires for a presidential candidate.

On April 27, 2011, just a few weeks prior to the book’s publication, the White House released what Obama claimed was his authentic “long-form” birth certificate from Hawaii.  In subsequent years, I continued to research this with the Cold Case Posse created by Joe Arpaio, the sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona.

On Dec. 15, 2016, Mike Zullo, head of the Cold Case Posse, ended the investigation with a press conference in which he explained the conclusion of their 5-year investigation was that the Obama “birth certificate” released by the White House was yet another computer forgery as proved by two independent, expert forensic examinations.