An Introduction to Swiss America

CRS Craig R. Smith founded Swiss America Trading Corp. in 1982 out of a bedroom in his Phoenix, Arizona home with $50.00. It has since grown into one of the largest and most respected firms in the industry known for its dedication to consumer education. Our motto: “In serving, we lead.”

Mr. Smith is a frequent guest on Fox News Your World with Neil Cavuto discussing economic news and trends. He has written eight books discussing geopolitics, economics, precious metals and has discussed them on thousands of radio and TV programs over the last quarter century.

Swiss America has always been committed to a free market worldview, which offers Americans a breath of fresh air amid today’s ‘big government’ socialistic worldview. We believe a revival of self-government and free market principles is vital in helping rebuild the American economy and offer an alternative to Progressiveness ‘cradle-to-grave’ government dependence.

Why Owning Physical Gold is Vital

Swiss America believes physical gold ownership provides a solid financial foundation, no matter what happens in the economy. Gold should be held primarily as wealth insurance. Asset growth and privacy are also important, but they are secondary to safety.

What’s behind the love affair with the oldest form of money on earth; which was reignited following the turn of the new millennium? There are a plethora of factors driving gold prices higher today.

The gold bulls first came out of their bearish hibernation between 2003-04, when gold prices topped $400 an ounce. A decade ago Swiss America documented over 35 respected financial experts who all agreed gold prices were headed above $2,000 an ounce.

Since then, many of the world’s most respected analysts, economists and financial pundits have jumped to embrace gold, despite the denigration by economists who still believe in the archaic philosophy of John Maynard Keynes, who consider gold as a “barbarous relic” of the last century.

Nothing could be farther from the truth! “In this new era of globalization, gold’s role as a single, unifying force of value is perhaps more critical than ever before. Gold continues to be the foremost physical asset in an interconnected, electronic marketplace desperately in need of fundamental and intrinsic worth,” writes Mr. Smith.

The Gold Thought Leaders

Over the last three decades Swiss America has gradually earned its role as a Gold Thought Leader. Mr. Smith’s original mission statement was; “Preparedness, Stewardship and Restoration.” His passion has been to build a national firm, a solid team who understands their primary mission is to protect assets from a declining U.S. dollar and inspire a renaissance in The American Dream.

brokers As the go-to gold experts, we don’t shy away from the tough questions about market valuations, the deficit or America’s financial health. Nor do we side-step the larger issues of trust in government and confidence in fiscal policy; since both directly impact economic outlook and investor optimism. Our insightful articles, blogs, white papers, research reports and videos are designed to inform and enlighten so that anyone with money to protect or a retirement account to secure can make the most educated decision possible about how to safeguard their money.

At Swiss America, we’re passionate about gold ownership because we believe gold is a fundamental and essential store of value. Its historical role as a safe haven is indisputable, and today it is still the “ultimate global money” with a track record of performance, stability and liquidity.

Frankly, we’re less interested in what we can sell you, than what we can tell you. You can count on us to keep you apprised of emerging financial data and real-time economic trends to help you monitor all the moving parts that impact your money in an ever changing world.