How The Attorney General Fell Prey to the Sting of a Spider Wasp.

Ever anxious to recuse himself from anything that might actually change the direction of the investigations from the laughable Russia-Trump “collusion” narrative to the many obvious and provable true crimes of Hillary et al. From President Trump on down, all rational people in America are in a quandary about the inaction and even malfeasance of our Attorney General. Of all the possible scenarios, there is only one that makes sense at this point, Sessions was stung by a spider wasp. He’s no longer in possession of his faculties, so give the guy a break.I was alerted to the presence and behavior of the spider wasp by Dr. Gad Saad. He realized long ago that Western society has fallen prey to this sinister creature, and thousands, if not millions have become victims. It breaks my heart to know that AG Sessions is now a member of the legion of the lost.

The spider wasp ambushes a spider, injects it with a paralyzing toxin, drags the helpless creature back to its lair, lays its eggs on the victim’s living but immobile carcass, and waits for the eggs to hatch. The newborns feed off of the body of the host, and a new generation of well-nourished young wasps deploy to repeat the process.

That is exactly what has been happening at the Department of Justice. Think about it. What other possible explanation is there? None. Sessions was a staunch and vocal supporter of Trump during the campaign, appearing with him at rallies and vowing to help drain the swamp. As soon as he was sworn in, Sessions became a zombie, a complete non-entity, a useless idiot. Yet another victim of a deep state spider wasp sting. Yes, I believe the application of the toxin took place during Sessions’ swearing in ceremony.

Look closely at the 4:13 minute mark of the video. Sessions, hand firmly on the bible, resolute, energized, ready to drain the swamp. At the 5:30 mark, Sessions handles the pen to sign his swearing in document. I believe the spider wasp toxin was applied at this very moment. Either the toxin was in the ink of the pen, or coated the paper. At the 8:30 mark, Sessions states, “…we will protect the Constitution, and the safety of this country . . . .” Unbeknownst to Sessions, the toxin was already coursing through his blood stream. The minute he left the Oval Office that day, his fate, and alas, ours as well, was sealed.

Sessions metamorphosized from intelligent pro-active defender of the nation, to paralyzed, inept, tool of the dark forces (Rosenstein, Mueller, Comey, et. al). Incapable of fighting back, Sessions is being rolled around the halls of the DOJ, an immobilized frozen stare, a mere shell. His handlers prop him up before the cameras. Notice, you will never see a photo from the back, where the spider wasp eggs are incubating.

Just wait until they hatch. Zombie Apocalypse. I suspect even the Center for Disease Control knows it is true but is in cover-up mode. This parasite attacks and quickly destroys the right side of the brain, locking the unknowing victim into a constant state of leftist hive insanity. Initially infecting the “leaders” of the Democrat party, the swarm descended upon the Marxist Screaming Media. The wasps then dispersed and fanned out to pick off smaller groups and weak individuals. From Hollywood to Silicon Valley, the plague-like infestation has now moved on to target the sheeple. Do not fall prey to this deadly disease.

Join me in praying for Jeff Sessions, once a great American, now a mere helpless, hapless tool of the deep state he was so devoted to eradicating and the swamp he was so dedicated to drain.

“Be on your guard so that you may not be carried away by the error of lawless men and fall from your secure position.” –2 Peter 3:17

Blessings brothers and sisters.

Written by DrCDCamp.