Black separatists demand a nation of their own, and may just accept Texas as a starting point. Similar to when HItler annexed Austria? We know how that turned out. The “Black Ethnostate” leader warns US they are armed, trained, violent, motivated, and on the move…to a city near you. Meanwhile, the BLM/ANITFA mob convoy (4-6 white vans at a time, hiding behind paper dealer license plates) continues to make its way to Atlanta to begin the next phase of their violent takeover of the US, one Democrat city at a time.

“Judge” Emmet Sullivan continues his persecution of General Flynn and usurpation of the rule of law as he refuses to abide by the higher court ruling that he drop the already DOJ dropped set up and take down of patriot Flynn.

Why is corrupt Brandon Van Grack still in the DOJ Mr. Barr?

Dr. Corsi must be over the target as the left has now launched a disinformation campaign against the truthful information he has been sharing. The tired old “conspiracy theorist” mantra on display again.

It is time for the Right to come together, unite against the forces of darkness and re-establish law and order.

We pray Mr. President that you turn away from bad advisors of all kinds, trust God and your intuition to bring US together and put US on the narrow path to victory.

Featured in this video “The Plan to Remove Donald Trump From the Presidency”