Dr. Corsi has been repeatedly imploring President Trump to cancel the upcoming Republican National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida as it is frought with danger in a number of ways, both politically, and to those is attendance. The convention has now been canceled, and it is up to the Trump re-election campaign team to come up with an effective alternative.

Fauci has again been outed as a fraud as he has been photographed in public not wearing his mask and not social distancing. Yet, Fauci not wearing the mask is okay now as in Washingtong D.C., members of government like Fauci are exempt from the mandatory mask requirement for US slaves. Of course, his new found celebrity and financial gains from his mulitple patents will soften any public criticism on this rising star of darkness. Fauci lied, people died.

Vladimir Putin is losing public support in Russia as his aspirations to become a modern-day Tsar appear to be rubbing the Russian people the wrong way. A far more poplular figure, Sergei Frugal, regional governor of the far-right Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) has been gainiing notoriety. But Putin knows well how to deal with real and potential rivals, so Frugal was arrested by the FSB (Federal Security Service) on July 9. Since Saturday, however, several thousand people have been protesting in the city of Khabarovsk against Putin’s actions. Is Putin vulnerable?

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