United States Attorney General William Barr is taking action. Realizing that the Left is now full on Communist, willing to burn the entire country down to get its way, and pulling out all the stops to take down the Trump Administration, Barr appears to be making this month as the critical nexus of his legal activity to restore law and order at all levels in our nation. If Barr does not act this week, the Conservative Treehouse has information that it has compiled over several months, that if released will make it impossible to the DOJ to not act. Dr. Corsi is contacting CTH to join the effort to bring America back from the brink of destruction.

The medical establishment, having abandoned science entirely and putting the profits of BIG PHARMA and their own power ahead of the lives of the people, has gone all in on the Leftist agenda, now openly attacking even distinguished Yale Epidemiologist, Dr. Harvey A. Risch for his support of Hydroxychloroquine for prevention and early treatment of the Communist Chinese Party Wuhan Coronavirus.

The Institute of Judicial Conduct continues to uncover and make public the abuses of decision makers within the judicial system. At the same time, the abuses of the overseers within the child “protective” services system appear to be gearing up to expand their already enormous subjective application of the law regarding the children if the traditional lifestyle beliefs of the parents collide with the leftist direction of much of the culture.

Now Fauci says that his highly touted vaccine “solution” may not really work in most cases.

The United States Declaration of Independence itself sets the framework for effective prayer…introduction, preamble, indictment, denunciation, conclusion, and signature. Check out theprayerfulpatriot.com to see effective agreement and targeted prayers and petitions.

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