CNN host treats highly respected Yale Epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch as if he were US AG Barr in front of the House Judiciary Committee…attacking and interrupting as a physician and teacher of future physicians tries to set the record straight about the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc for early treatment and prevention of COVID. Yet, since the CNN et al are only concerned about pronging the death and misery of the American people in order to prevent President Trump from being re-elected, they have turned lying and the perpetuation of lies from an art to a science.

The Institute of Judicial Conduct (“IJC”) is the nation’s leading authority on judicially fabricated political rules in the administrative parts of federal and state court systems. These rules are not laws. They cannot be used to govern, or make or effect any legal judgment in courts. However, once the federal and state judges agree to these fabricated rules, they are then able to both govern and fabricate judgments based by engaging in deliberate and malicious criminal and fraudulent judicial conduct in US and state courts. This is possible with the cooperation of the bar associations, and tacit approval of federal and state prosecutors, and legislatures.

The Domestic Relations and Violence Exception (DRE) to federal justice is the best example of an illegally fabricated a policy that is being used to coerce American into relinquishing their freedom. The DRE is the policy that led IJC to discover how Roberts fabricates and operates these policy schemes, and how he covers-it-up with fraudulent judicial conduct and by lobbying in Congress.

Featured in this video: “COVID-20: The Coming Killer Coronavirus”