Following President Trump’s unprecedented landslide win on election night, the Left continues to spew lies, make threats, and foment chaos as the election process enters the final phases. Yes, it’s a process, AP does not select the President.

A fire hose of facts is dousing the flames of insurrection as the light is shining on the darkness that would result in a Harris/Biden administration. The new regime would usher in The Green New Deal, impose skyrocketing taxes, tear down the wall, promote illegal immigration, pack the Supreme Court, end the filibuster in the Senate, and ultimately destroy the Constitution and Bill of Rights….just to name a few “fundamental changes.”

Yet, The Craven New Biden World would quickly degenerate into Armageddon with the restart of the Iran unDeal while Harris bolsters the Palestinian terrorists (leading to global nuclear war within 2 years as the Mullahs and assorted Islamic terrorists would complete their mission: make a bomb, drop it on Israel, and usher in the end of the world and the return of The Mahdi).

Meanwhile, President Trump’s “Legal A Team” quickly but methodically shed light on Democrat darkness, exposes the Leftist madness, and paves the way for restoration of the rule of law and preservation of not only the Trump Administration, but the freedom world-wide.

Donald Trump always looks like he is going to lose right before he wins.

In the end God always wins.

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