Ten supposed “expert” members of an NIH COVID-19 panel have financial ties to companies like Gilead Sciences, the maker of Fauci’s favorite expensive yet often ineffective late stage treatment drug Remdesivir, that will profit from anything but Hydroxychloroquine.

On a brighter note, Dr. Scott Atlas, who puts real science over fear, and saving lives over defeating Trump, has been added to the Chinese Communist Party Wuhan Virus task force.

Sidney Powell, General Flynn’s outstanding attorney, is presenting her oral arguments today before the en banc court to finally end the persecution of the man who knows where the Obama Administration bodies are buried.

The Institute of Judicial Conduct continues to expose the wrong doing of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts concerning abuses involving the Domestic Relations and Violence Exception to the Judicial Conduct Act of 1980.

Featured in this video: “The Plan to Remove Donald Trump From the Presidency”