The Kraken has been released, and the Kraken is President Trump.

President Trump won re-election Tuesday, November 3, 2020 in a historic landslide.

The multi-tiered Democrat attempted heist of the White House failed.

Midnight, Puppet Master Central: Panic mode, hastily concocted “Plan B” put in motion? No time to lose or we lose.

1. Pause voting in key battleground states, but where to get millions of needed votes…

2. Brainstorming session…No idea too stupid.
a. Call Dominion, they know what to do (Just ask Venezuela & Argentina).
b. Get operatives to the warehouses where we stored the extra ballots from the election day surplus (didn’t want to make it too obvious with a huge Biden “win,” but the unthinkable has just happened, 80 million Trump votes streaming in), we’ll all hang.
c. Call Detroit (they know what to do and have been doing it for decades).
d. But what about Philly? Hire the mob to expedite things there, etc.

3. Launch attack.
a. Philly’s on line one, Skinny came through, “special” ballots on the way.
b. Detroit on line two, no worries…all minions on deck.
c. Other states: Pull out all the stops, call in all the favors, twist all the arms, NOW! On it boss!

4. Cover it up.
a. Prepare a script – Biden WON BIGLY! Trump must concede!!
b. Make the daily 4am call to the networks

The Democrat Socialists Anti-Church of LCS (Lie, Cheat, Steal) in action.

But what’s that noise…sounds like a…a…Kraken…OH NO…it’s…it’s Donald Trump.

It’s all over but the singing. Run rats run.

Donald Trump always looks like he’s going to lose just before he wins.

In the end God always wins.

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