Joe Biden proves on a daily basis that he has become disconnected from reality. Now he falsely claims that 6,114 military service members died from COVID-19; however the actual number Is 7. Another Biden whopper immediately ignored by the propaganda branch of the DNC, the mainstream media.

Biden’s devolution has made a dramatic impact on his public appearances. When Sleepy Joe arrived in Michigan yesterday, was he greeted by a throng of supporters…well, yes, Trump supporters chanting four more years. What about Biden supporters…there were none visible. Of course, Joe’s ANTIFA supporters could not be there to welcome him as they are engaged in riots, looting, arson, and murder in Democrat-led cities…and that keeps Democrat VP hopeful Kamala Harris busy raising money for their release upon arrest.

The Democrat mail-in ballot vote fraud juggernaut blew a tire yesterday as a federal judge has blocked a new Tennessee law that attempted to limit mail-in balloting without an ID.

Both Dr. Zev (Vladimir Zelenko) and President Trump advisor Peter Navarro are tweeting up a storm to reveal the truth about the efficacy of using Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc as a preventative and early stage treatment for covid.

Featured in this video: “The Plan to Remove Donald Trump From the Presidency”