President Trump has ordered his department heads to begin the process of de-funding cities that have become “anarchist jurisdictions.” Specifically, New York City, Seattle, Portland, and Washington D.C. are to be stripped of federal financial support as they continue to destroy themselves. The increased ability to work remotely has enabled many organizations to keep operating using online tools. That trend will only continue as many Democrat governors and mayors continue their illegitimate shut downs of business in order to decrease President Trump’s support. Why live and work on a Democrat plantation when you can be paid to provides services regardless of your physical location?

Dr. Corsi’s ebook “COVID-20, The Coming Killer Coronavirus” states on pages 6-7: “The premise of this eBook is that COVID-19 was a “warm-up” act involving the release of a bioengineered virus that combined an AIDS attack on the immune system with a SARS attack on the lungs. We will demonstrate that with the addition of one more element from the HIV-1 disease pathogen, the AIDS component of COVID-20 will be unstoppable using available anti-viral medications and vaccines. The resulting COVID-20 will kill quickly, with the AIDS attack knocking out the immune system, such that the body remains defenseless against a SARS attack on the lungs that will progress regardless what medications the patient is given.”

Featured in this video: “The Little Red Book of Democrat Socialist Lies”