Even Sleepy Joe Biden has joined the Walk-Away Movement…when asked questions, just walks away.

Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon are carpet bombing the Biden campaign with the inconvenient truth about The Biden Crime Family. Nowhere to hide. Corruption expert Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden’s business partner and convict Bevan Cooney has revealed 26,000 smoking gun emails.

So far, Giuliani has only reviewed 20% of the content of Hunter’s laptop, and what is coming to light is becoming darker minute by minute.

The Ukrainian government has seized a 2nd Biden laptop as part of their corruption investigation, opening up a second front in the truth bomb campaign. Biden is really going to need that bunker. Biden Lied, Truth Died.

Meanwhile, Christopher Wray’s FBI is being shown to be not only inept and biased in favor of the Deep State darkness, but also actively engaged in obstruction of justice and gleeful participants in the ongoing Coup against President Trump: Wray had the laptop in December 2019, hid it from everyone, prevented the information from being used to defuse the impeachment of President Trump in January of 2020, and to this day has done NOTHING to deal with the obvious criminal activity of Biden et al. Where’s Barr?

Biden proposes $2 Trillion energy plan that will end life as we know it and return America to the 19th century. Candles and firewood for everyone.

PBS suspended potential presidential debate moderator Steve Scully Biden-bias, and the moderator selection just went from bad to worse as moderator to be Kristen Welker has had to delete her entire twitter account (then realizing the internet is forever, reactivated it) as it reveals her extreme Trump hatred.

Disgraced Coup member Bruce Ohr “committed reckless professional misconduct by providing materially incomplete information to his supervisor [Rosenstein].” Ohr retired the day before the investigation report was released. Coincidental timing, at least he’ll have some time at home with dear Nellie Bell before the hammers drop and indictments commence.

The inevitable effects of the Leftist/Democrat attack on law enforcement begin to emerge: police officers are leaving the force nation-wide in unprecedented numbers.

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