The stark contrast between the dark and divisive Communist Clown Show AKA Democrat National Convention and night one of the optimistic and inclusive Republican National Convention cannot be more apparent. Last week was a caldron of lies and false depictions, as confusion between right and wrong reigned. Communist China and the violent destruction of our great cities and states under Democrat control never mentioned…as if they are myths.

However, last night was a celebration of what makes America great, and the prospects for an even greater future with President Trump at the helm for another term. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has stated that due to the Communist Chinese Party’s Coronavirus plandemic, per the WHO Director General (and Communist Chinese puppet): “We cannot go back to the way things were, Covid-19 has given new impetus to the need to accelerate efforts to respond to climate change.” CLIMATE CHANGE? Only Pope Francis can connect those dots.

Never allowing a crisis they created go to waste, the Communist Chinese have actually been ramping up their spying activities and military aggression around the globe.  Zhengdong Cheng, a Texas A&M Professor, on the payroll of the Chinese Spy agencies, has been working on classified NASA programs including the International Space Station, until his arrest by US federal agents. The list of such arrests is growing in a daily basis. Of course, if Joe Biden is elected, the former smooth relationship with the tyrants committed to our destruction can go back to the way it was…maybe even Hunter will receive another investment opportunity.

The US is now experiencing the lowest number of coronavirus cases since June (it’s a secret, do not tell the Mainstream Media)

The US Border Patrol become even more active as the increasing length of the southern border wall is making it easier for the capture of illegals/criminals, including many convicted sex offenders. Tennessee has passed a new law that greatly increases the punishment given to violent street thugs posing as protesters.

Vaccines are in the pipeline, but many doctors such as Dr. Zev (Vladimir Zelenko) are convinced the better path is the use of Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc as both a preventative and early treatment of all things covid.

Featured in this video: “The Little Red Book of Democrat Socialist Lies”