A new study shows that 1.5 million people will die of tuberculosis this year due to the worldwide lockdown.

The US Treasury has announced a record $112B quarterly debt offering and a giant wave of new bonds.

Communist Mayor of New York, now known as Bill de Blasio, tries to extort federal funding by threatening to lay off 22,000 city employees unless President Trump caves to de Blasio’s demand to bail out the city he (de Blazio) has destroyed.

George Soros puppet Kim Gardner, St. Louis Missouri’s corrupt Ciruit Attorney, fights off a primary campaing challenge thanks to Soros throwing tens of thousands of dollars into her coffers, enabling Gardner to continue to falsely arrest honest citizens if they try to defend themselves against rioters hurling death threats.

President Trump on Lou Dobbs FOX Business sayst the Obama/Biden spying on his campaign/administration is “breathtaking” in scope. We are all waiting impatiently for US AG Barr to drop the hammer.

General Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell continues to connect the dots regarding illegal surviellance as political prisioner Flynn waits until next Tuesday for the en banc court hearing that will be conducted by Clinton/Obama leftist judges.

Precious metals continue to soar as out of control spending takes its toll on paper money.

Featured in this video: “The Plan to Remove Donald Trump From the Presidency”