Dr. Corsi explains the fact that President Trump must take bold and immediate action to save his presidency and the United States. The forces of darkness have aligned in an unprecedented and evil manner to take out Trump and to take US down through any means they deem necessary regardless how violent and repressive they need to be.

Democrats have tipped their hand that they intend to use massive voter fraud to ensure they prevail, and are setting up the narrative that if they are able to steal the election, if President Trump resists their coup, they will have him arrested and removed from the White House.

An alternative to the current state of internet tyranny against Conservatives is required immediately, and Corsi Nation is working on a solution, to be launched hopefully within a few weeks. In the meantime, stay strong, and pray for the preservation of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, President Trump, and freedom itself.

Featured in this video: “The Plan to Remove Donald Trump From the Presidency”