President Trump is making bold and correct changes to ensure he wins re-election and continues to push back against the darkness. The president has promoted Bill Septien to run his re-election campaign after Jared Kushner’s top pick Brad Parscale failed to realize Communist Chinese bots, BLM, and other nefarious forces were punking the campaign by gobbling up rally tickets and using other dirty tricks.

Is it possible that any day now General Flynn will be releaced from his political prison and re-join the administration? If Vice President Mike Pence does not quickly and strongly affirm his allegiance to the president, it would be prudent for President Trump to replace Pence with Flynn as the VP for the 2020 Republican ticket.

Disturbing news continues to come from Kazakhstan (reported only in the Russian press) that a COVID outbreak, perhaps the one Dr. Corsi predicted in his ebook: “COVID-20: The Coming Killer Coronavirus” is worsening. If it is in fact COVID-20 (an even more deadly form of coronavirus released in ordeer to find its way to America right before the election, will an election even be allowed to take place?

Precious metals may be a key protection against a fiat currency decline that is predicted as hyperinflation may well be on the near horizon. Multiple sources are reporting that Twitter is removing images of the tool Jack Dorsey’s minions have been using to attack conservatives.

Did Dorsey lie to Congress about not shadow banning or taking other punitive measures against people with ideologies contrary to his own? Will the FBI beat down his door in the middle of the night and perp walk him to jail for having lied to Congress like Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Clinton, et al? Only when equal justice is restored. Right Mr. Barr?

Did President Donald Trump previously authorize the CIA to launch cyberattacks against China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and other countries hostile to the US?

President Trump has increased his push back against Communist China, which has been in a de-facto state of war with the United States since murdering its opposition and taking control of China in 1947.

Kerri Kupek, DOJ spokesperson, has revealed DOJ Operation Legend…a carefully planned and executed attack against crime and violence by the feds to thwart Antifa and other violent extremist groups.

Featured in this video: “The Plan to Remove Donald Trump From the Presidency”