The truth about the efficacy of using Hydroxychloroquine plus Zinc as a preventative and early treatment of COVID is inescapable…countries that use the Zelenko Protocol have far better results than countries that do not use HCQ+Z. However, the FAKE STUDIES continue to be released, only using HCQ when people are already hospitalized, and not using Zinc which prevents coronoavirus from replicating. Garbage in, garbage out.

The MSM continues to ignore Kazakhstan, as the “new strain” of COVID-19 is taking a toll on the population.

ANTIFA/BLM are ramping up their terrorist attacks as they continue to rioter hiding behind shields, shining powerful lasers at federal officers to blind them.

Antifa has organized itself into military style units using barriers, recon, “medics,” and other specialists.

Geroge Soros is pumping $50 million dollars into the 2020 election to ensure voter fraud and election of far left activists at all levels. Precious metal prices are on the rise as Pelosi floods the system with trillions of dollars in new spending.

Featured in this video: “Rage, Race, and Riots in the Year of COVID-19 Pandemic”