Yesterday, Dr. Corsi detailed the fact that President Trump was clearly the winner of the 2020 Presidential election on election night, having cruised to a landslide victory while gathering ~360 electoral votes. Then the Democrat fraud machine kicked into high gear using massive criminal actions to steal the election including pausing the vote count to determine just how many votes they needed to manufacture to overcome Trump’s leads, and then at precisely 4:00am, the fake Biden votes arrived.

The avalanche of video evidence, whistleblower accounts, and other proof continues to mount, and again, the other day, Sleepy Joe Biden boasted that the Democrats had launched the most extensive and “Effective” voter fraud effort in American history.

Rule number one for Democrats in the future, when you are planning a coup, don’t tell Joe, he loves to boast about crimes he has or intends to commit as head of the #BidenCrimeFamily.

President Trump’s “A Team” of legal experts is on the ground filing law suits regarding the Democrat voter fraud.

Today, Dr. Corsi walks through the legal remedies, per the Constitution, that WILL result in President Trump’s final declaration of victory, whether the demons like it or not.

If the local challenges fail, the review will head toward the Supreme Court, which has as its primary responsibility, preserving election integrity.

Only every legal vote will count, not the millions of illegal and fraudulent votes which which the Democrats have flooded the system. The mainstream media will continue to scream foul as they ignore how our system works, while trying to use public opinion pressure to drag Sleepy Joe over the finish line.

Misguided public opinion, and thugs in the streets are not the things of victory, they are merely the tools of darkness, and in this case the tools are broken.

Again, FEAR NOT, Donald Trump always looks like he is going to lose just before he wins.

In the end, God always wins.

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