Yesterday, YouTube tried to silence CorsiNation by manufacturing a FAKE violation of “community standards” to provide the tech tyrants with a predicate for suspending our channel for 1 week. Livestreaming continues on CloutHub, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and We will continue to upload to Patreon, SubscribeStar, Rumble, BitChute, and all of the audio podcast platforms.

Republicans in the House of Representatives have sent a formal request to US AB Barr to appoint a special prosecutor into The Biden Crime Family’s business affairs.

Lou Dobbs invited guests Sidney Powell, Tom Fitton, and John Solomon to his show to discuss the Hunter and Joe Biden payback schemes and related matters.

CNN “legal analyst” Jeffrey Toobin let it all hang out during a Zoom call, and even gave himself a helping hand. Just another disgusting Leftist. Mothers, hide your children.

Memos reveal that Mark “The Cuck” Zuckerberg is funding election fraud on behalf of this Democrat Comrades.

The DOJ has filed an anti-trust suit against Google. May an avalanche of hammers rain upon the heads of the satanic Tech Tyrant empires.

Project Veritas has done it again…this time having a senior Google tech manager admit that the Tech Tyrants are playing God, deploying numerous weapons against those who do not adhere to the Leftist ideology.

The Squad is openly plotting to take over the government if Sleepy Joe is sworn in as President.

Go to to remind yourself of all of President Trump’s accomplishments even while under unrelenting vicious attack.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has created a petition Pray for Dr. Zev as he continues to ballte life-threatening cancer.

Danielle D’Souza Gill has released a new book, “The Choice: The Abortion Divide in America.” Dr. Corsi will interview Danielle at 1:30pm Eastern today, Lord willing.

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